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The latest hair loss treatments available for you

We offer you the latest evidence based treatments delivered safely to your door. We provide a discreet service tailored to your individual needs. You will be presented with the latest evidence so that you are in control of the treatment for your hair loss. We know that our patients want to research all the available treatments so we provide direct access to the clinical papers that discuss the results of international medical trials.

We also offer our professional opinion on the research and answer any individual questions that you may have regarding any research and your individual needs. We believe that you should be able to review the medical papers that support the use of finasteride, minoxidil, bimatoprost or any other available treatment. We are not owned by any pharmaceutical company so we have no bias over one particular brand or treatment.

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EBM = Evidence Based Medicine

Founded and led by Dr Tom Walker

dr tom walker

Dr Tom Walker founded Mylash in 2007, a company that offered a cutting edge treatment to grow eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. He has helped thousands of people grow their eyelashes and eyebrows for both cosmetic and non-cosmetic reasons.

Mylash has been nominated for awards, positively reviewed in many magazines and websites and endorsed by celebrities. None of this was achieved using PR companies or by sponsorship; all was due to treatment satisfaction.

Dr Walker has been featured in many publications ranging from Hello magazine and the London Evening Standard, to the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. He has a degree in medicine & surgery, and a degree in anatomy. He has previously worked as an NHS doctor but currently focuses on private practice.

Our philosophy and driving principles


There are countless websites promising fantastic results with no evidence. We only offer treatments that have a strong evidence base to back them. We do not exaggerate the possible results and offer realistic expectations. We only recommend treatments that we would be comfortable recommending to a close friend or family member.


We believe in patient confidentiality and never disclose your details to any outside agency or company. We use discrete packaging for all of our deliveries. We do not store any bank card details.


We do not have expensive London premises so we can keep our costs down without harming treatment outcomes. We have developed a back room system with Mylash so no additional costs were required to offer this new treatment range.

Cutting edge

We constantly monitor clinical journals and medical trials so that we can offer the latest treatments and update the evidence that we use to support the therapies that we offer.


We are not sponsored or affiliated with any particular manufacturing company. We only base our treatment recommendations on facts produced from clinical research and personal experience.